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Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

Not necessarily, however if you obtain a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP this provided you for up to 10 sessions of Clinical Psychology sessions per calendar year which covers $124. 50 of each 50 minute session. The Australian Psychological Society recommended rate for one session is currently $222. Sessions at Aveley Clinical Psychology are currently $160 per session. Please note access for a consultation with an on site Consultant Psychiatrist is available if required.

Psychologists have completed an undergraduate degree in psychology.

Clinical Psychologists further undergo training via a post graduate degree in assessment, diagnosis and treatment of psychological problems and mental illness. Clinical Psychologists ALSO complete at least an additional 2 years of full-time university training at Master’s degree level or above in Clinical Psychology, plus a period of formal supervision.┬áThis avails them to further training in more severe psychological problems and comprehensive exposure to several clinical settings. Clinical Psychologists can help clients with problems such as mood disorders, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), eating disorders, phobias, stress and anger management, trauma and PTSD, marriage & relationship Professional Regulation and Legal

Both Psychiatrists and Clinical Psychologists must possess the required university qualifications and be registered with the Health Professionals Registration Board in their relevant state to be able to call themselves a Psychiatrist or Clinical Psychologist and to be legally able to practice. There is a public register in each state which enables anyone to check that somebody calling themselves a Clinical Psychologist or Psychiatrist is registered with the relevant authority. You can access this register at www.ahpra.gov.au and then by following the instructions at ‘check registration’.

Clinical Psychologists have done extensive formal training (at least 8 years) in psychology and have been trained to use evidence based practice in their work. This means that they are usually focused on outcomes and using the most effective techniques for change available. Psychotherapists and counsellors have generally trained for a much shorter period of time and are from a range of backgrounds.

Clinical Psychologists are bound by the Clinical Psychologists Code of Ethics. This can be found at www.aps.org.au With regard to confidentiality at Aveley Clinical Psychology, content of sessions are strictly confidential with the exception that if you are at risk of harm from yourself or to others I may need to break confidentiality. A further limitation on confidentiality is in relation to Court Orders.

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